About Sutherland HDL, Inc. and Stuart Sutherland

Sutherland HDL provides expert Verilog and SystemVerilog training services, and short-term design and verification consulting services.

Sutherland HDL was founded in 1992, and is located near Portland Oregon, USA. Our training workshops help engineers become true Verilog and SystemVerilog wizards! These workshops are developed and presented by engineering experts with many years of experience in design and verification. Sutherland HDL has trained thousands of engineers throughout the United States, and in Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Student comments:

photographStuart Sutherland, founder of Sutherland HDL, is a recognized Verilog and SystemVerilog expert, with more than 25 years of experience with Verilog and SystemVerilog. He is an active member of the IEEE Verilog and SystemVerilog standards group. He is also been a technical editor for every version of the IEEE Verilog and SystemVerilog Language Reference Manuals, and has authored several popular books and conference papers on Verilog and SystemVerilog. Stuart holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Electronic Engineering Technology (Weber State University and Franklin Pierce University) and a Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis on eLearning online course development (Northcentral University).

A few highlights of Mr. Sutherland's career include: